28 May 2023

Aleksandra Goryachkina and Kateryna Lagno are into FIDE Women's Candidates Tournament

Polina Shuvalova finished second in Nicosia.

Photo credit: Mark Livshitz / FIDE
Photo credit: Mark Livshitz / FIDE

The city of Nicosia has seen the end of the FIDE Women's Grand Prix final stage. Having defeated Bella Khotenashvili in the final round to score seven points, Dinara Wagner has become the tournament winner. Polina Shuvalova defeated Oliwia Kiolbasa to finish second and ahead of Tan Zhongyi and Dronavalli Harika on additional tiebreakers. Lagno – Assaubayeva, Goryachkina – Dronavalli, Mammadzada – Kosteniuk, and Tan Zhongyi – Dzagnidze drew their games.

Final standings: 

1. Dinara Wagner – 7 points out of 11
2-4. Polina Shuvalova, Tan Zhongyi, Dronavalli Harika – 6.5
5. Kateryna Lagno – 6
6-9. Gunay Mammadzada, Bibisara Assaubayeva, Aleksandra Goryachkina, Nana Dzagnidze – 5.5
10. Alexandra Kosteniuk – 5
11. Bella Khotenashvili – 4
12. Oliwia Kiołbasa – 2.

The Grand Prix Series outcome has landed Kateryna Lagno and Aleksandra Goryachkina into the FIDE Women's Candidates Tournament. The event is scheduled next spring in the city of Toronto.  

Andrey Filatov, CFR President: "My congratulations to Aleksandra Goryachkina and Kateryna Lagno on qualifying for the FIDE Women's Candidates Tournament and to Polina Shuvalova on taking second place in Nicosia! The Women's Grand Prix leg has witnessed our chess players come up with their fighting qualities, coolness and mastery. I wish Russian female athletes further success in the competitions to come!"

Final standings