12 April 2021

Anatoly Karpov's Reception Takes Place in Central Chess Club

The 12th World Champion presented a new biographical book.

On April 12, the Central Chess Club in Moscow hosted the ceremony of a 3-volume album book presentation about the life and career of the many-time World Champion and the State Duma deputy Anatoly Karpov (Publishing House RMP, 2020).

The many-time World Champion Anatoly Karpov, “There are no similar publications in the history of chess. I thank the authors of the project for coming up and putting it through — Anatoly Sedykh and Anatoly Palamarchuk. This book would not have seen the light of day in the absence of archive documents that my mother had put together. It was she who had managed the family archive, which she had opened with the very first published article in the local newspaper when I was seven. We initially planned to get by with two volumes, but the abundance of materials convinced us of the necessity of one more. It is not as thick as the other two, but life is going on!”

Delivering speeches at the ceremony were the Honoured Lawyer of Russia Anatoly Palamarchuk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Metallurgical Company Anatoly Sedykh; book author Mikhail Lukichev; well-known TV host Maxim Galkin, deputies of the RF State Duma and many others. Every speaker highlighted Anatoly Karpov’s unique contribution to chess and social life, as well as bringing to memory various stories from his career.

The books’ content of over a thousand pages (for all three volumes put together) gives you many games across the world champion’s career. The three-volume edition contains unique photographic and documentary materials related to Anatoly Karpov, events of his time — all in all over one and a half thousand pictures.

Published to a limited edition of one thousand copies, the publication has been sponsored by the United Metallurgical Company. Nearly all the printed material of this purely educational project will be distributed among chess schools named after Anatoly Karpov and located in Russia and the CIS countries, thus contributing to the development of chess and education of the growing generation of chess players. 

Pictures by Eteri Kublashvili