22 November 2015

European Team Championship, Round 8 Results

Both Russian teams retain the lead with one round to go.

The 8th round of the European team championship was played on November 21 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Russian men's team held a draw with Armenia: Ian Nepomniachthi won, Alexander Grischuk lost, Peter Svidler and Dmitry Jakovenko made draws. 

France made a draw with Georgia, Hungary crushed Azerbaijan 3.5-0.5. 

Russia is in the lead with one round to go. Our team has 14 match points. Hungary is 2 points behind, France, Georgia, Armenia, Netherlands, and Germany are three points behind. 

In the last round Russia will face Hungary.

Russian women's team proved stronger than Poland – 2.5-1.5. Alexandra Kosteniuk and Aleksandra Goryachkina were victorious, Ekaterina Lagno made a draw, and Valentina Gunina suffered a defeat.

Georgia defeated Hungary 2.5-1.5, Ukraine crushed France 4-0. 

After 8 rounds Russia maintains the lead with 15 points, Ukraine and Georgia have 13 points.

In the 9th round our ladies will play against Germany.