30 November 2018

Rapid Grand Prix Final Opens in Khanty-Mansiysk

Drawing of lost takes place.

The final tournament of the Russian Grand Prix starts in the capital of Ugra. The drawing of lots was held at the Opening Ceremony. Round 1 pairings: M. Demidov - I. Iljushenok, D. Kokarev - S. Yudin, A. Maltsevskaya - T. Maletina, D. Bocharov - P. Shuvalova, A. Morozevich - N. Kabanov, P. Ponkratov - S. Sjugirov, A. Pridorozhni - M. Chigaev, and D. Kryakvin - A. Sarana. 

First 5 rounds will be played on December 1.

Tournament Chess-Results

Photos by Dmitry Kryakvin