2 February 2018

RCF Board of Trustees to Support Andrey Filatov's Candidacy for RCF President

Dmitry Peskov gives interview to TASS 

Dmitry Peskov and Andrey Filatov (photo by Pavel Iovik)
Dmitry Peskov and Andrey Filatov (photo by Pavel Iovik)

Board of Trustees of the Russian Chess Federation will support the candidacy of Andrey Filatov for the position of the RCF President. Press-Secretary of the Russian President and Chairman of RCF Board of Trustees Dmitry Peskov told it in an interview to TASS.  

"On behalf of the RCF Board of Trustees, I can say that we highly appreciate the results of Andrey Filatov's work in the recent four years of his presidency. Under his guidance, the Russian women chess players achieved very high results in international competitions, chess was expanded throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation, new regions have joined the chess life, the growth of chess popularization is on the increase, international contacts have moved to a new level," says Dmitry Peskov. "That's why we rate highly the results of Andrey Filatov's work, and, of course, the RCF Board of Trustees will support his candidacy in the RCF presidential election".

Dmitry Peskov adds: "Underway these days are preparations for the XIII RCF Congress, to be held on February 3. There are many candidates to be elected for a period of the next four years: RCF President, members of the Supervisory and of the the Internal Auditors Boards. The subject of FIDE Presidential candidate is expected to be part of the agenda as well".

"The Congress is a very important event taking into consideration the authority that the Russian Chess Federation has. Chess is fast to restore its popularity; it spreads throughout the regions as sport and not only. Many regions demonstrate adherence to developing chess and incorporating it into the school curriculum", noted Peskov.   

Speaking about the forthcoming RCF election, Dmitry Peskov admits that there are "both competitiveness and rivalry" in it. 

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