8 June 2022

Schoolchildren from Udmurtia Win Debut Team Tournament

Moscow and Moscow Oblast set the pace in the Belaya Ladya final.

The seventh round of the all-Russian school team competition "Belaya Ladya" final was played in the AMAKS Resort "Orbita" (Olginka, Krasnodar Krai) on 8 June. 

The results of the leaders' matches are as follows:

Moscow - Chelyabinsk Oblast 4-0
Tyumen Oblast - Moscow Oblast 0-4
Altai Krai - Khabarovsk Krai 2.5-1.5
Novosibirsk Oblast - Samara Oblast 3.5-0.5
Pskov Oblast - Astrakhan Oblast 0.5-3.5


1. Moscow - 23.5 board points (14 match points)
2. Moscow Oblast - 22.5 (12)
3. Novosibirsk Oblast - 19 (10)
4. Astrakhan Oblast - 18.5 (11)
5. Altai Krai - 18 (12)
6. Perm Krai - 18 (8), etc.

The eighth round will be played on 9 June at 10 AM Moscow time. The competition is a 9-round Swiss event. Each team consists of four players (with at least one girl) and one coach. The match days are 2-10 June.

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The Debut team tournament, an annual final event of the Chess in Schools project, was completed on 8 June. The participants of the competition were the pupils of schools from 17 regions of Russia, which had taken part in the project. A team was composed of four players (not less than one girl) born in 2013 and later and one team manager/captain.

The winners are the schoolchildren from Udmurtia, who scored 14 match points (26.5 board points). Pskov Oblast won silver with 13 (24.5) points, while Ingushetia and Tula Oblast shared third place with 12 (21.5) points scored.

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An eventful additional programme continues: the football, basketball, table tennis, and other competitions are being organised. Grandmasters Sergei Rublevsky, Mikhail Kobalia, and CM Dmitry Oleinikov gave a simul for the participants of the Debut tournament. 

Additional programme - photos by Artem Burzhinsky

The tournament is organised by the Chess Federation of Russia and the Russian Ministry of Sports and supported by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Foundation. The CFR general partner is PhosAgro. The CFR Partner is Aeroflot. 

Photos by Vladimir Barsky