Karjakin - Dubov
Hidden treasures: after 19...Nf4! White could have saved himself by 20.Nc5!, and Black cannot take the exchange 20...Bxf5? 21.Qxc6 Bc8 because he comes under a devastating attack after 22.Nb5!. For example, 22...Rd6 23.Nxa7! Kxa7 24.Qb7+! Bxb7 25.axb7+ Kb8 26.Ra8#.
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Ding Liren - Yu Yangyi
A fortress with cardboard walls: 35.Be7 Re8 36.Rxd7! Bxd7 37.Bf6+, and Black resigned. The Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge is being held on
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Higher League