January 4-10, 2019

Russian Youth Cup Final 2018

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9 January 2019
A Tireless and Omnipresent Titan

Peter Svidler’s foreword to Maxim Notkin’s book “My Queens’ Sweeping Exit”

31 December 2018
We Are Not Used to Retreating Final day of the King Salman World Blitz Championship reviewed by Maxim Notkin
30 December 2018
Inevitable Errors Maxim Notkin describes the most exciting moments of the King Salman World Blitz Championship
29 December 2018
Everyone's Equal for Security

Vladimir Barsky reports on the final day of the World Rapid Championship.

29 December 2018
Arabian Passers Final day of King Salman Rapid World Championship reviewed by Maxim Notkin
28 December 2018
Queen User's Manual Maxim Notkin keeps following King Salman World Rapid Championship 
27 December 2018
Generous Gifts Bright fragments of the first day fights reviews by Maxim Notkin
26 December 2018
Manege: the Gathering Vladimir Barsky reports from the start of King Salman Rapid and Blitz Championships
24 December 2018
Draw Favours “Princes” Eteri Kublashvili reports about the Nutcracker Tournament’s finale
24 December 2018
Chess Burritos and Recipes by David Bronstein

The history of World Rapid Championships as described by Dmitry Kryavkin

21 December 2018
Selfcheck and Other Adventures of Magnus

Dmitry Kryakvin explores the rich history of World Blitz Championships

18 December 2018
Without Second Thoughts

Eteri Kublashvili reports about the start of the 2018 Nutcracker Tournament

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L. Van Foreest - Bareev
Cleaving a path to the black king: 26.Ne5! fxe5 27.fxe5. A traditional chess festival is going on in the Netherlands.