The All-Russian individual and team chess competition among schoolchildren living in a rural area is taking place on October 10-17, 2018, in Tsiolkovsky Health Centre, Svetloe Pole village settlement, Samara Oblast.  

Teams, composed of schoolchildren of rural educational organizations, rural youth athletic centers, and rural chess clubs aged 16 years old and younger, are taking part in the event.  

Team composition: 5 members, including 4 players (not less than 1 girl) and 1 coach - team representative. 

The event is a 9-round Swiss tournament. Boys and girls will play separately. Members of one and the same team will not play against each other. 

Time control: 90 minutes for the whole game plus 30 seconds increment after each move staring from the first.  

Maximum default time is 10 minutes.  

Tie-break criteria (individual): 1) Buchholz, 2) Buchholz Cut 1, 3) number of wins, and 4) direct encounter. 

Tie-break criteria (team): 1) the least sum of places taken by the team members in individual ranking and 2) the biggest number of victories scored by all team members.