24 February 2024

Andrey Filatov Reacts to Inclusion in Canadian Sanctions List

CFR President gave a comment to TASS.

Earlier, the Canadian authorities put 10 individuals and 153 legal entities on the sanctions list against Russia

MOSCOW, 24 February. TASS/. Worse than the inclusion of the Canadian authorities in the sanctions list would be the applause in their Parliament. President of the Chess Federation of Russia Andrey Filatov expressed this opinion to TASS.
Earlier, the Canadian authorities had introduced sanctions against 10 individuals (including Mr. Filatov) and 153 legal entities of Russia.
"How do I feel about the Canadian sanctions? It would be worse if they applauded me in Parliament," Filatov said.
On September 22, 2023, during the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's speech in the Canadian Parliament, the audience cheered the 98-year-old Ukrainian nationalist Yaroslav Hunka, who had served in the SS Galicia Division during World War II. The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Melanie Joly then called for the resignation of the speaker of the House of Commons pf Canada Anthony Rota, who had taken the blame for inviting the Nazi. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologised for the incident. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the public praise of the Nazi "epitomises the ruling regime of the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the best possible way", while the Russian side does not intend to "tolerate the way Canadian liberals flirt with Nazism".

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