15 December 2022

Mark Dvoretsky Memorial: Juniors Outplay Dvoretsky's Disciples 32.5-31.5

The rapid tournament score is even.

Rudik Makarian, Arseniy Nesterov, Volodar Murzin, and Aleksey Grebnev
Rudik Makarian, Arseniy Nesterov, Volodar Murzin, and Aleksey Grebnev

December 15, the M. Botvinnik Central Chess Club in Moscow marked the end of a team tournament dedicated to the memory of the merited USSR chess coach Mark Dvoretsky (1947-2016). The Dvoretsky's Disciples team (Aleksey Dreev, Vadim Zvjaginsev, Alexander Riazantsev, and Ivan Popov) was faced off with the Junior Team of Russia (Arseniy Nesterov, Volodar Murzin, Rudik Makarian, and Aleksey Grebnev). The tournament featured two time formats: classical and rapid chess, both carried to the Swiss system in 8 rounds with a prearranged drawing of lots. 

The Junior Team of Russia scored a narrow victory in classical chess 16.5:15.5. The first half of the rapid event ended 8.5:7.5 in Dvoretsky's Disciples' favour. Thursday saw the second half of the rapid tournament.

Round 5 results:

Dreev – Nesterov, Draw
Riazantsev – Grebnev, Draw
Murzin – Popov, 1-0
Makarian – Zvjaginsev, 0-1

Round 6 results:

Makarian – Dreev, 0-1
Nesterov – Riazantsev, 1-0
Popov – Grebnev, 1-0
Zvjaginsev – Murzin, Draw

Round 7 results:

Dreev – Murzin, Draw
Riazantsev – Makarian, 1-0
Nesterov – Popov, Draw
Grebnev – Zvjaginsev, Draw

Round 8 results:

Grebnev – Dreev, 1-0
Murzin – Riazantsev, 1-0
Popov – Makarian, 0-1
Zvjaginsev – Nesterov, Draw. 

The Juniors delivered a powerful finish to even the score in the rapid tournament: 16-16. The overall match score is 32.5-31.5 in the Junior Team's favour. 

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Pictures by Boris Dolmatovsky