27 November 2016

Game 11 of Carlsen-Karjakin Match Ends in a Draw

The match score is equal, 5.5-5.5.

The penultimate classical game of the World Championship Match was played in New York on November 26. Sergey Karjakin had White. 

The players continued their discussion in the Ruy Lopez, but this time the champion went for a different Anti-Marshall setup, which hasn't been played in the match. This system is a frequent guest at the highest level and is considered rather risky for Black, but not excessively so. In this game Karjakin was unable to show the disadvantages of Black's formation. At the press-conference he mentioned that he wasn't happy with his 17th and especially 18th move. 

Carlsen sacrificed a pawn, carried out a central break and created a passed pawn on the e-file. White had sufficient resources to maintain the equality, and a draw by perpetual check was agreed on the move 34. 

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Photos by Vladimir Barsky