20 March 2023

Rest Day Activities Take Place at Ascension Tournament

An extensive programme was offered to the players.

March 19 came as a rest day – so much-looked-forward-to by the Ascension tournament participants. The morning programme opened to a mass simul on 182 boards. The chill of March was nothing to scare away either the givers nor takers of the simul. This time, the simul-givers were referees and members of the coaching team. 

Celebrating victories over their senior opponents following a two-hour struggle were Polyansky Nikita (Pskov), Shapiev Khalid-Shakh (vil. Khalimbekaul of Dagestan), Shondzhiev Dmitry (Elista), Perepelyatnikov Vladislav and Ashtanov Khontor (both from Gorodovikovsk, Kalmykia), and Gumerov Denis (Ufa), Khadjaeva Sabrina (Tula), Rogozhin Nikita (Saransk), Savelyev Sergey (Luga), Malysheva Julia, Bulgakov Nikolai (both from the city of Zhukovka), and Aitbaeva Eva (Tsagan Aman) managed to hold their ground and make a draw. 

There followed two trips to the planetarium, which is located nearby in the Sochi Olympic Park. Participants, accompanying persons, coaches, and referees watched a movie about the Universe's creation and structure, and learned about the prominent role of the Soviet scientists in space exploration and the construction of the first orbital rocket ship in human history known as Buran. 

In the evening, the team of coaches had yet another surprise in store for young players and invited everyone to enjoy bughouse chess. There participated as many as 74 players. Triumphant was the team Uralan, represented by Dmitry Shondzhiev and Vladislav Perepelyatnikov.

Author: Ekaterina Vasilchenko, photo credit – the article author, Irina Chibikova, and Pavel Kovalenko