15 June 2019

Vladislav Artemiev Wins 20th International Anatoly Karpov Tournament in Poikovsky

Dmitry Jakovenko is second due to inferior tie-break.

Photo by Vasily Papin
Photo by Vasily Papin

The 20th International Anatoly Karpov Tournament finished in Poikovsky on June 15. In the final 9th round, Vladislav Artemiev defeated Vladimir Fedoseev to catch up with the leader Dmitry Jakovenko and win the tournament thanks to the superior tie-break. Andrey Esipenko beat Rauf Mamedov, while the games Korobov - Kovalev, Saric - Sasikiran, and Wang Hao - Jakovenko were drawn.

Standings after Round 9:

1. Vladislav Artemiev, 2. Dmitry Jakovenko - 5.5
3-8. Krishnan Sasikiran, Ivan Saric, Wang Hao, Vladimir Fedoseev, Anton Korobov, Andrey Esipenko - 4.5
9. Rauf Mamedov - 4
10. Vladislav Kovalev - 3.

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